Strolling the Streets of New Bern

Sittin on the Dock of the Bay

It is at least 100 yards to the shore from our slip.  I’ll be in better shape in a very short time!  Lots of great boats and we’re meeting lots of people here.

Jane and I spent the day strolling around town and checking out our new surroundings.  It was about 65 degrees so it was a nice walk.  Once we got to shore we found out we are only a couple of blocks from:

a) the Farmers Market

b) Fresh Seafood Market/Cafe

c) US Post Office

d) Music Store

e) at least 6 flavors of banks

f) at least 10 restaurants

g) and finally the ABC store. 😉

New Bern is the second oldest city in North Carolina and just celebrated their 300th anniversary. The town was taken early in the Civil War and therefore most of the historic building were spared.  There are over 160 buildings downtown that are on the National Register of Historic Buildings.  We can see Tryon Palace from the boat, it was the seat of the Colonial Government and the first capitol of NC. George Washington even partied over there.

Once we got back to the boat we decided to take the dingy up the Trent River just to see what was there. We found a couple of spots to anchor out and a boat ramp not far from here. We were running out of daylight and it dawned on me I haven’t registered the dingy yet so we sneaked back to the dock and called it a day.

We are looking forward to exploring this area and getting to know our new found home.


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