Southbound Cruisers’ Rendevous 2014

SBCR 180It’s that time again! The Southbound Cruisers’ Rendezvous is this weekend! November 8th & 9th to be exact.  Registration is on Friday the 7th.  This year we will be at the BridgePointe Hotel and Marina.  Check out the website at Southbound Cruisers’ Rendezvous  aka for more detailed information.

Join Mark and Diana Doyle, Wally Moran, Ben Ellison, Tom Hale, Rick Flack and a host of others at The 2014 Southbound Cruisers’ Rendezvous in New Bern, NC.  Find out important information for your trip south this year or in the future.  There is also a Nautical Flea Market being held in conjunction with this event.  Buy, Sell and Trade on Saturday November 8th behind the BridgePointe Hotel.


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