Come Sail Away with Me!

Come Sail Away by Styx.  I love that song.  Anyway it was playing the other day as Jane and I were getting ready to hoist the anchor in Durham Creek on the Pamlico River.  It seemed like a fitting way to start the day.  It also reminded me of this video that I made during a class a couple of seasons ago and since I’ve updated the site I decided to try to embed it in a post.   Teaching people to sail is how I make my living, a part of it anyway.  I have a channel on YouTube called BoatBumzTV. There isn’t much up there now but that will change shortly.  Jane and I will be adding more videos of various aspects of living aboard and the cruising lifestyle.  I will also be adding some videos to supplement and enhance some of the things I teach such as diesel engine repair, electronics installation and trouble shooting.  Jane has already documented how to reupholster your cushions and it will go up shortly. (Right Jane?)  I hope you find it useful.  If you’ve got suggestions of things you’d like to see, let us know by subscribing to either the Boat Bumz blog or BoatBumzTV.