Our Sailing Club

I’m excited about adding the New Bern site this year.  Sailing out of New Bern you can easily cruise to Beaufort, Oriental or the many anchorages along the Neuse River in a 2 day weekend.  Boat Bumz has a 22′ boat available for day sails and a 27′ boat for day sails and overnight cruises.

I started the club as a way to give our students an opportunity to gain experience and put into practice the things they learn in a class.  It’s much more affordable than owning a boat and allows you to immediately get out on the water to build your confidence.  One of our sailing schools can teach you all the basics; terminology, types of wind, points of sail, tacking, jibing, rules of the road, crew overboard procedures, distress signals, knots and much more.  There is a lot packed into a few days!  Each of our students gets 2 free days on one of the club boats.  You can split those 2 days in to 4 half days or any combination thereof.

One couple last year did a couple of half days, then a whole day and then they took an overnight cruise from Washington to Bath and back the next day.  They learned a lot on each trip.  I have sailed for over 12 years and I’m still learning each and every time I go out.  Experience really is the best teacher.

After the free time on the club boats we offer an annual membership in the Boat Bumz Sailing Club which gives you more opportunities to build your confidence while you shop for your own boat.  Several students have purchased their first boat within a year of taking a class, if they didn’t already own one! We have a program for boat owners as well.  We arrange flotillas (short trips with several boats) to local destinations as a way to build more confidence and have a lot of fun. We also offer discounts on parts and supplies through the club and will be adding discounts with local businesses soon.  We will also unveil a classified and barter section to the site shortly.

The Boat Bumz Sailing Club is our way of promoting safe and fun ways to learn to sail.  Our classes through East Carolina Sailing accelerate the learning curve and give you hands on experience with certified instructors and the club allows you to go out and hone those skills by yourself or with other club members.  Give us a call today and let’s go sailing!



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