On the hook in Lake Worth

Lake Worth Inlet

Jane and I are on the hook just inside the Lake Worth inlet in West Palm Beach FL tonight. The weather has not been cooperating and we have had to start the trip inside on the ICW.  We left Vero Beach Monday morning at sunrise and made it as far south as Hobe Sound the first day.  We anchored out just outside the channel near ICW Marker 38.  We discovered that the plumbing in the shower had sprung a leak and we would need to get it fixed before we go to the Bahamas.  The winds were out of the NNE at about 15 to 20 knots but we all slept like babes the first night.

We were up early the next morning and planned to get into West Palm around midday but a broken bridge delayed us for over two hours.  We finally made in to Lantana about 4:45pm where we had arranged for a plumber to meet us, but it was so late we rescheduled for this morning.  We stayed at the Loggerhead South Marina on Tuesday night and were able to use the sauna and showers there.

It took until 2:30pm to get the plumbing fixed but we were able to get some errands run and emails answered while they worked.  Once they finished we headed 10 miles back the way we came toward the inlet, where we are anchored.

You do a lot of walking when you are cruising.  We walked to and from dinner last night and to the Post Office today, not to mention all the trips back and forth to the facilities. With all the time on the boat though it feels good to stretch your legs when you get to port.

We are reminded about all those little things that you take for granted when you stay in one spot for very long.  Internet connections, cell phone coverage, fax machines and local banks, but we managed to get everything on our list done.  We didn’t find a fax machine but we were able to take pictures of signed documents with our cell phones and email them. I’m typing this post using the data connection from one of our phones while anchored out in the middle of this gorgeous place. We have scouted out anchorages and marinas using the website ActiveCaptain and some navigation software that interfaces with the website called Polar Navy. It is possible to work and play at the same time.

It’s now low tide, time to walk around the boat and make sure there is still water under the boat and that we are still in the same spot that we where in an hour ago.




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