Keys Kruise 2014-throwback

A Blast From The Past

It’s cold and raining in New Bern today and if you know me you’ve heard me say this a thousand times, “I’ll do cold and I’ll do rain, but I don’t do cold rain” so I’m inside today working on the websites. I figured I’d put this up since I never got around to doing it when it happened and it showed up today in my Facebook memories to remind me.

Three(!) years ago I did my first Boat Bumz Cruise, the 2014 Keys Kruise. We chartered a 50′ Freebird Catamaran, built in England, S/V Dalliance for a 7 day cruise in the beautiful Florida Keys. We left Key Largo out of Buttonwood Sound and sailed down the bay and gulf side to Key West. We had originally wanted to get to the Dry Tortugas but the weather and sea state didn’t cooperate so we spent some extra time in Key West. We then sailed back up Hawks Channel to Long Key Bight for the night. The next day we sailed up to the Snake Creek Cut and drawbridge over to Cow Pens anchorage on the bay side of Islamorada, if you’ve ever eaten at the Marker 88 restaurant you know where Cow Pens is. Our mast height was 72′ so the Snake Creek drawbridge was the only option but there was some concern over the low hanging electrical lines.  I affectionately call this the “poop cruise” because 3 of the 4 heads stopped working and the last one started leaking. With 8 people on board it was a bit of a problem but we still had a blast. The other take away from this trip was the lobster and crab pots everywhere, even in the channels. I think we picked up at least 7 pots and we had 8 sets of eyes looking for them.

It was a good time and I haven’t found all the pictures yet but I’ll update as I do. While in Key West I met up with an old friend from the mountains of western NC.  I also stumbled upon Michael McCloud at the Schooner Wharf Bar when I heard his distinctive voice while strolling down the street. He’s one of my favorites!

We plan on doing another one of these real soon, with working heads (bathrooms, for you dirt dwellers) this time! Sign up on our mailing list to find out about the details!





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