Bahama’s Wrap Up

It’s been a month since we got back and things are going well. Our 5th season at East Carolina Sailing School is off to a fantastic start and we are finally just about on top of things here again.

When I last posted I was tracking down loose connections and doing some minor repairs.  I found the loose wire on the tachometer and fixed that little issue. We were at the  Lyford Cay Yacht Club and left the next day for Chub Cay.  We basically retraced our steps on the trip back which was pretty uneventful.  There were quite a few more people at Chub Cay when we got there this time.  Everyone was waiting out a front and we ended up staying there a couple of days.  We left on Tuesday for the crossing across the Grand Bahama Banks where we hoped to pick up that anchor we left there 21 days before. A window was opening for us to make the run back to Ft. Lauderdale.

We left early and headed out across the banks and I headed back to the spot were we lost the anchor.  I had set a MOB (Man Over Board) on Glenn’s handheld GPS the last time we were here and I was determined to park us back in the same spot.  We go there about 3pm and although I didn’t park in the same exact spot I only missed it by 100 feet.  We quickly mounted the engine on the dinghy and headed out with the handheld GPS.  Glenn donned his snorkle gear and I positioned the dingy on top of the MOB coordinates then started zig-zagging  my way at 080 degrees, the direction the boat was pointed the last time.  After about 10 minutes Glenn spotted the anchor in about 10 feet of water!  We retreated back to the boat to retrieve an anchor rode and headed back out to the spot.  I tied the two rodes together and Jane and Evelyn took up the slack. Rather than haul it up we left it set as a second anchor for the night.

We have now anchored out twice on the “Banks” and I ‘m pretty sure that will be the last time we ever do that again.  It’s was another very uncomfortable night and I was glad to get out of there the next morning.

We headed for Honeymoon Harbor off Cat Cay for our last night in the Bahamas.  When we got there I determined it was too rough and after checking another anchorage farther south we decided to head into the marina at Cat Cay. Cat Cay is a private club and allows transients for up to 4 days.  It is also a Port of Entry in to the Bahamas and next time we’ll go there instead of Bimini.  Peacocks and roosters ruled the roosts in Cat Cay and we headed out with the sunrise the next morning. 

The crossing to Ft. Lauderdale was uneventful but gorgeous.   It’s actually closer to go from the coast of Florida to Bimini/Cat Cay than from Lil’ Washington, NC to Okracoke, NC on the Outer Banks.  It was smoother too!  The trick is to time your crossing when there is no North component to the wind, which would go against the north flowing Gulf Stream and build up the wave heights.

We made Ft. Lauderdale early enough to get our arrival number and clear customs the same day.  After a good nights sleep we headed out to West Palm Beach where we anchored in Lake Worth.  Our last day was spent going from West Palm to Vero Beach.

We had a great time with Glenn and Evelyn and look forward to sailing with them again in the future.  Look for a post on Glenn in the near future.




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