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Cap’n Michael, USCG Master with Sailing Endorsement, Charter Captain, Sailing Instructor, Cruiser, Traveller, Free Spirit, Gypsy, Scanner, Dreamer, Lover, Wannabe Musician = Boat Bum.

Michael has been on and around boats all his life and has spent the last 12 years sailing the lakes and sounds of North Carolina as well as the Chesapeake Bay, the eastern seaboard and the Caribbean.  Since October of 2010 he has logged more miles and spent more days on the water than he can remember. He has beeen delivering boats from Maine to Tortola and playing Charter Captain from New Jersey to Key Largo and the Bahamas, on sailboats ranging from a 31′ sloop to a 72′ ketch. He is currently living aboard and looking to do a bit more cruising in the future. He is certified to teach both American Sailing Association sailing and cruising standards from Basic Keelboat through Advanced Coastal Cruising, Coastal Navigation, Docking and Cruising Multihull Endorsements. He is also a certified instructor for US Sailing Smallboat and Keelboat courses.

In his former life he was the Technology Director for a public school system in North Carolina. He has two grown kids who think he’s gone crazy and swear that their father has been replaced by the “pod” people.  He has two grandchildren (twins) that will be “G’ Pa’s” future crew.

He lives on his boat, the M/V Renegade Mermaid based out of Marathon, FL, and calls home where ever the wind and current takes him.

Boat Bum (/bōt/ /bm/) n.Keys Sunset bb

A term used to denote a subculture, the characteristics of which may include aspects of, but do not necessarily extend to the beach bum,bohemian,surfer, gypsy or tribal subcultures.

The members of this subculture are typically water-loving people who enjoy spending time sailing, relaxing, working on and exploring via boat. As such, the life of a boat bum is usually one of leisure and fun punctuated by moments of sheer terror. This holds true if the particular boat bum is a racer, a day sailor, a cruiser or a liveaboard.

This site seeks to share the rewards as well as the trials and tribulations of the cruising and live aboard lifestyles. As well as the freedom, self reliance and adventure of a life on the water. Embracing the Less is More philosopy and downsizing to a boat, even for just a few months out of the year, takes a bit of planning and prior preparation. It boils down to a conscious choice to simplify and take control of one’s life. There are all sorts of books and blogs about how to accomplish such a feat and why you would want to, starting with Thoreau’s Walden. I am not the first, nor will I be the last, to share the journey toward this lofty goal.  So join me, even if you are committed to being a “dirt dweller” for the rest of your life, you will find that a fair amount of the information contained here will transfer easily into your plans.

My first step was to quit my day job and pursue my passion. I’m not retired so I still have to “work” in order to eat. I like to cook and eat, so you will find some very reasonably priced services and products on this site to help me do that. I own and operate East Carolina Sailing School, in New Bern, NC from March until November each year. I also offer Bareboat and Captained charters locally and in the Keys and Caribbean. I also offer daily and weekend boat rentals. I am and have been a Buyers Broker for several of my students when they decide to buy a boat and join the Boat Bumz tribe.

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What We Do

Do you dream of casting off the bow lines and sailing off into the sunset? We’re here to help you realize that dream, whether you are prepping for retirement, decided to simplify your life or you just want to get out on the water and relax.  We can teach you how to sail at one of the best sailing schools on the east coast. We offer sailboat rentals, bareboat charters  and organized flotillas to help you build confidence. We also offer Sunset Cruises, Day Sails and Edventure Vacations to help you decide if the cruising lifestyle “floats your boat” and if it does,  we can help you find and outfit the right one for you!

Welcome Aboard!


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